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Eclipse Super offers a unique SMSF "Gearing" Structure that gives people the ability to use their Superannuation savings and a loan to purchase property.  It is a generic structure that can be used with a wide range of lenders.

To comply with the legislation governing superannuation borrowings the property being purchased must sit in a separate trust until the loan is repaid.  This is often referred to as a Bare Trust or Custodian Trust.  At all times your SMSF is the sole beneficiary of that trust.

The unique element to Eclipse Super is that our structure allows the Trustee of the Bare/Custodian Trust to be the borrower as an alternative to the Superannuation Fund itself.  This gives you access to a range of standard lending products at much lower rates than the inflated "Superannuation Lending Products".

Some of the potential benefits of using the Eclipse structure include:-

  • You can access standard loans.  You do not have to use overpriced "Superannuation" Products.
  • Your superannuation fund can borrow and invest directly in residential investment properties
  • Your superannuation fund can borrow and invest directly in commercial properties
  • You can buy your own business premises and pay rent to your super fund
  • There is potential to pay 0% capital gains tax when you sell the property
  • Tax deductible super contributions can be used to make loan repayments

There are also potential risks involved when borrowing to invest and these are described in the FAQ's section.

Eclipse Super exclusively uses Rigby Cooke Lawyers for legal advice in relation to Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements.  We also refer clients to Rigby Cooke for any unique or unusual superannuation queries.

Eclipse Super specialises in providing compliant SMSF trust deeds (supplied by Rigby Cooke Lawyers) and Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements (LRBA's).

Eclipse can also assist you in obtaining a loan for your SMSF at basic varible rates.  These are much lower than "Superannuation" rates currently offered by lenders. 

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