About Us

A change to the superannuation legislation in 2007 allowed super funds to borrow for investment purposes as long as they used an 'instalment warrant' arrangement. The term "Instalment Warrant" has been replaced overtime with the term Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement "LRBA". 

The Eclipse concept was developed by a Financial Planner with over 30 years industry experience. Experts in the field of law, accounting and finance were consulted during development.

Eclipse has now become a respected specialist provider in this highly complex area, and has been providing compliant  SMSF trust deeds and borrowing structures since inception. 

The end result is a unique offering with a major competitive advantage over others - access to standard lending products at standard lending rates.

The Eclipse structure minimises the cost and complexity involved in SMSF borrowing, which has consistantly resulted in much better financial outcomes for our clients. 




Finance is arranged exclusively through Eclipse, please speak to your Mortgage Broker to lodge an application. Pre-Approvals are available prior to fund set-up at no cost to you.

Financial Planning

The Eclipse concept was designed by a Financial Planner who operates a related Financial Planning business.  We can refer you if you require Financial planning assistance or advice eg. rolling over your existing superannuation or understanding the requirements of running a Self Managed Superannuation Fund.

Technical/Legal Support

Eclipse exclusively engages Ross Higgins of Mills Oakley for legal advice in relation to Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements.  

Ross is a partner at Mills Oakley specialising in Superannuation & Taxation advice and his expertise is highly regarded in this complex area of law.